Join the Team

There are several way in which you can help further aMAYzing Impact Coaching and help us save more marriages. Read over the partnering options below.

Committee Teams
Finance, Fundraising, Grant Writing, Social Media, Annual Celebrate and Share Dinner…plus more

Prayer Team
Prayer partners will faithfully pray for our family, the ministry, and those blessed through the ministry.

Promotion Team
Promotion partners get the word out through conversations, email, twitter, blogs, Facebook, web links, etc. about our life coaching, resources, retreats, conferences, and support events to friends, family, businesses, and churches.

Provision Partners
Provision partners financially support the ministries through one-time gifts, donations as needed, contributions for specific causes, or year-long pledges.

Why Make WGHJ Ministries, Inc. (aMAYzing Impact) part of your charitable giving?

Will it make a difference?

In our budget?  Absolutely!  A $100, $200, $300 donation per month is HUGE for us. What makes a ripple in the budget of a larger tax-exempt corporation makes a splash in a budget our size!

And it makes a difference for the community, the country, and the world.  Your dollars given to aMAYzing Impact changes lives – obviously for the adults who are our clients, but also for their children who thrive in confident relationships.

What are we giving for?  Where does the money go?

The majority of the funds are used for keeping the coaching mission alive so that we can offer this life changing service at affordable rates.

When someone comes for coaching, they get an automatic 50% discount off the value of the coaching they will receive.  If they can’t afford the coaching still, reductions in the cost to them are still possible.

Who calls for coaching?

Couples in transition

  • From dating to engaged
  • From engaged to married
  • From childless to parents
  • From having kids at home to empty nest
  • From working to retired

There were times that we needed some guidance, yet some of the programs we thought would help were to expensive.  We are determined that no one will be left behind.

Click for more information or to join the team.

We are developing a full-service, spiritually focused marriage mission center.  Your partnership is vital!