Marriage Week Challenge begins Tomorrow (2/7/14)

The Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

There is a MADD Epidemic sapping the health out of our marriages! MADD is the acronym for Marriage Attention Deficit Disorder. February 7-14 is National Marriage Week and you need to make sure you take advantage of the cure for MADD. The cure is DPT: Daily Predictable Time!

We want to dare you to take a couple of challenges designed to strengthen your relationship and build momentum for you in your marriage, getting rid of MADD!

For a real spiritual challenge, visit the WGHJ Ministries Blog and/or Facebook page to join our National Marriage Week Daily challenge.

Then, go the National Marriage Week USA website ( to see the “Eat, Talk, Play” link on the left about half way down. You can also download the information for this challenge in a pdf at this url:

Ask friends to join you in the challenges! Encourage each other via texts, calls, attaboys, high fives, tweets, and Facebook posts!

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