15 – 15 -15

00RJLToday marks a huge milestone in our marriage! Today we celebrate our 30th Anniversary!! We are beginning a new chapter that actually started a few weeks ago.

Our first 15 years we spent miserably married!

Our last 15 we’ve spent reconciling, renewing, and refocusing; thus, Hooked on Marriage.

We will spend the next 15 with what we are calling – 15 years of Celebration!!!!!

We will take a mystery trip every Dec. – just US and just for US! No one knows exactly when, for how long, where, or mode of transportation.

On August 8th (our engagement date) for the next 15 years, we will reveal where we went the previous December, and for us we will have a confirmed new secret of where we are going the upcoming December.

We are incredibly excited about this new adventure and all the endorphins, dopamine, and the other chemical connections it is creating between us!!

Then, on our 45th Anniversary, we will have a party with a video of the past 15 years of Celebration!

We wonder what a video or whatever technical word is used will look like in 15 years?!

For today: We Celebrate “US”!! 💞

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