Just What To Say

Near the end of One Fine Day , Melanie recalled her earlier conversation with Jack: “You said you thought I was the most beautiful woman you’d ever seen,” she reminded him.

Jack responded, “That was a line.”

We love that conversation.  That line was just what Melanie wanted to hear.  When there is a script, it might be easy to say the perfect thing.  In real life, like in a marriage, you’ve got to be wise with your words; and it’s much more difficult without a script. Most of us have said precisely what shouldn’t have been said plenty of times.

Proverbs offers us some hope, however.  “The lips of the righteous know what is fitting” (Prov. 10:32).  That’s another way of saying that that those who pursue the life of wisdom will know just what to say when something ought to be said. The woman married to the wise may says, “He always knows just what to say.”  The man married to the wise woman gets to say, “She always has the words I need to hear.”

The tendency here is to say, “I want to be married to that person.”  Don’t say that.  Say instead, “I want my spouse to be married to that person.”

Become the person who always knows the best thing to say.  How?  Well, the collector of Proverbs suggests that you can become the person with the right words by living out the Proverbs.  Read Proverbs as much as you can through your marriage lenses and change what you should change.  Then do it again.

What’s your favorite Bible proverb and how have you been able to apply it in your marriage?  Or how do you think you could live it out with your spouse?

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