Devoted Fans

Devoted fans!  That’s what you are!  You love OU, or OSU, or Tech, or Kansas or Nebraska.  People can watch you as you watch your team on Saturday and know that you are a devoted fan.  Here’s how.

1.      You sit close, mesmerized.  Nothing distracts you.  If a semi-fan (or the spouse of a devotedfan) is close by and wants to distract you by talking about anything andeverything other than the game, you get majorly irritated.  You don’t want to be rude, but you are whereyou to play one role:  you are a fan!

2.      You shout words of encouragement.  It doesn’t matter if you are in your den orin the stands, you shout words of encouragement.  Richard yells at Brittney during thepowderpuff games, “Hurt people bad!” “Hit somebody!”  That’s just forfun, but when you are a devoted fan, you don’t stay quiet.  You encourage!

3.      You boo the offender!  The opponent is the enemy!  The enemy is out to kill, steal, anddestroy!  You won’t be friendly towardthat!

4.      You celebrate the victories and you grieve thelosses together!

Now, it’s time to be a fan of your husband or your wife!

1.       Studyyour spouse!  Be mesmerized by her.  Sit on the edge your seat and give him youundivided, undistracted attention!

2.      Shout words of encouragement to her when she’sin her game!  Be the best cheerleaderhe’s got!  Tell him you believe in him,even when he’s down; maybe especially when he’s down. Let her know that you are on her side!

3.      Boo the offender.  Love doesn’t delight in evil, but rejoiceswith the truth (1 Cor. 13:6).  Resist theopponent, the devil, together.  He isn’tjust the opponent.  He is the enemy!

4.      Celebrate often. Whenever you can, whatever you can; party with each other.  Get over the defeats, leave them behind, anddo something that you can celebrate! “Rejoice in the Lord always!” (Phil 4:4).

(For some additional reading along this line, get TriciaGoyer’s book, Generation Next Marriageand see page 129).

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