Monday Morning Tour then Coaching

Amber at the Market

Monday, April 11, was Brad’s birthday.  He turned 22.  JL worked it so that we called him at 9:19 pm Oklahoma time.  The calls are expensive, but at least possible with JL’s Blackberry.  Boo for my Android there.  When the funds were available to cover the expenses for this trip, we quickly decided the best time.  We were going to miss this birthday of Brad’s or his graduation from OC.  He and we opted to miss the birthday.

We kept coaching on this Monday.  We learned enough about these super people and what can and can’t be done with an interpreter to begin giving thought to how the next two seminars could be tweaked.

Words of President Bush

We walked from our hotel Congress to the Panorama mall.  The north wind was blowing in our faces.  We love that.  We walked toward the “white bridge,” crossed by the beach volleyball/skateboard park, and along the river.  Walking is better than riding for us.  Earlier during our stay we were going to catch the trolley (electric bus) to Panorama.  We got on a bus for route 19 which was the right bus, but we should have crossed the street because we went the wrong direction.  A 10 minute ride turned into an hour long ride.  Not a fun event for the May family.  Anyway, walking is better.

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