A Christian Home?

The family was riding home after church one Sunday when the father noticed in the rear-view mirror that his eight year-old son was crying in the back seat. He nudged his wife who turned around to see what was going on.

“What’s wrong, son,” she asked.

He wiped his eyes and responded with trepidation, “The preacher said this morning that it is important that children be raised in Christian homes, and you told him afterwards that you appreciated his sermon.”

The mom was puzzled so she said, “We do agree that you should be raised in a Christian home.  What’s wrong with that?”

Glancing over at his little brother to show that he spoke for both, the boy sobbed, “But we want to stay with you and dad!”

It is important that your children be raised in a Christian home, but it’s not just important for kids.  It is critical for you to have a Christian home whether or not you have children to rear.

A Christian home is a home in which Christ’s standards are followed, in which godly morals are the goal, in which the focus is on heavenly things, and in which relationships are lived as Jesus instructed.

Develop a Christian home – one that anybody can identify as Christ-like, and one that God can use for his glory.

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