Our Mission

aMAYzing Impact Coaching is a spiritually-focused coaching team making an aMAYzing impact on life, relationship and marriage.

Our Vision

We are a marriage mission partnering with others to create whole, healthy, holy homes.

We offer :

  • In office Life • Relationship • Marriage Coaching
  • Skype Coaching for people who do not live in OKC
  • aMAYzing Marriage Weekends
  • aMAYzing Retreats
  • aMAYzing Roadshows
  • Classes
  • Lunch and Learns
  • Consultations
  • Train the Trainer


Our Life Purpose Statements:

I am a reconciler so that others can live in peace and unity.


I am a safe place so that others can shed their shell to live.


We Believe:

Connection is the key to a confident relationship. A confident relationship is the key to communication.”~ R and JL

“The 20 most powerful words in coaching are:  Mindset – What I chose to focus on.  Maturity – Living out my chosen mindset even when I don’t feel like it” ~ R and JL

Being the right person prevents me from being a needy person who depends on external circumstance and/or people to create my internal peace,  joy, happiness.”~ R and JL

“When our marriages mirror our covenant relationship with God, we have HOPE for the future and experience Heaven on Earth Today.”  ~ R and JL

Fun Facts about us:

  • We got engaged on our first date!
  • We’ve been married since 1986!
  • We have two children:
    • Brad, married to Sarah: golden-doodles Bently and Libby
    • Brittney, married to Brad Lemons: son “Zeke”.
    • Both are graduates of Oklahoma Christian University
Guess What?
  • Richard met JeannaLynn and her sister at the same time and asked her sister out first! Hum!!?
  • JeannaLynn said that she would never marry a preacher.  Well… guess what!!
Ways we are alike:
  • Blonde Hair – we share 1 box of L’Oreal Paris – “Iced Champagne”  hair color
  • Born and reared in Mississippi
  • Love horseback riding (especially in the snow)
  • Oklahoma storms give us goosebumps of excitement
  • We love Jesus!!!
  • We want you to have a great marriage!!!
  • Urns not coffins – same urn so we can shake our ashes together!😀
Ways we are different:
  • Her plan of attack: “Charge!” His plan: “It will work itself out!”
  • Her: “Get it right even if we sacrifice peace.” Him: “Peace at all costs!”
  • Her: “I finished that yesterday.” Him: “I forgot I was supposed to do that.”
  • Her: Green eyes, Him: Blue eyes.
  • Her: “Work before you play!” Him: “Play now so you have energy to work later.”
  • Her: Follow my intuition. Him: Follow her intuition.
  • Loves him more!! Loves her the most!!

Want to know more – we would love to share more and we would love to get to know you, too!!


If you haven’t read “our story” – check it out – you just might be surprised to know we’ve definitely had issues and problems ….

We are making every effort to be thoroughly equipped for every good work (2 Tim 3:16). We are constantly looking for new learning opportunities, so that while we grow so do you!!






  • Served in Youth Ministry for 3 years
  • Lead/Pulpit Ministry for over 20 years
  • BS in Nursing from University of Mississippi



  • Board Certified Professional Life Coach Coach from ILCT









  • Practiced as a RN in Women’s Centers since 1987 and currently works as The Childbirth Educator for ICVRH



We are both:










We have committed to a partnership with God to serve Him while serving others!