Better Than Acting Annoyed

Tom was telling Tony about how his wife seemed to be angry at him a lot.  Tony hadn’t been married long and remarked, “We’re still in that stage where she loves me more than I annoy her.”

It’s not just wives who cross the line of “more-annoyance-than-love” in a marriage.  Husbands forget that they are to “put up with each other in love” (Eph 4:3).  This kind of love, the kind that overlooks annoyances and focuses on the good, is a decision and a mindset.  You can decide today that when your wife speaks to you like you’re one of the children instead of her husband; you will smile through it, give her the benefit of the doubt, and treat her lovingly, though you are annoyed.  Wives you can decide today, that you will not react angrily when your husband fails to make eye contact with you while you are trying to give him vital information about an appointment.  You can smile sweetly and respectfully as you get his attention off the TV so that he hears in a pleasant voice what you are telling him again.

Make the decision that you will always live in the stage of marriage where your spouse knows that you love him or her more than they annoy you.

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