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We’ve had friends who utilized the services of business coaches.  Some researched coaches themselves and found one they liked – and could afford.  Others were part of a franchise and the franchise recommended the coach for them.  The business owners we’ve known have all benefited from their relationship with the coach.  Though the fees can be high, the return on investment has been higher.

The best move these friends made was grabbing a coach at a time when their businesses were not in crisis.  They were making money.  They had experienced some success, but they knew they could do better so they pursued some help.  The payoffs for them have been tremendous.  They honed their goals.  They developed better habits.  They learned important principles.  They partnered with someone who would hold them accountable to their intentions.

It’s time for all of us to take the same approach to our marriages that these friends have taken with their businesses.  We’ve developed some marriage skills, but they can be improved.  We’ve had some bright days, but there should be more.  We have some dreams, but we would reach them faster if we were open to personal development.  We live by some great principles, but could we have deeper roots while we reach for the sky?  Our lights shine bright, but they can be brighter in this culture of marital darkness.

As we coach couples in our office or take our coaching on the road for the Marriage Roadshow, we always support couples in crisis – it is an important part of what we do.  We also love leading couples who are in good marriages toward great marriages!  And we get super excited when a couple with a great marriage comes because they want to move to service – letting their combined lights shine together for the good of their community and our culture.

So you aren’t living in a crisis?  Great!  Now is the best time to pursue marriage coaching!

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