Changing Feelings

Acrobatic HeartYou feel like:

You have to win this argument!!

You have to have more or less of_______ from your spouse!!

You can’t take it anymore!!

And then, in the middle of the argument, your spouse’s speech begins to slur, he loses his train of thought, the left side of her mouth suddenly turns down.  You know what is happening.

Do you still have to win the argument?  Are you still insistent on having your needs met since you seem to be the only one meeting needs in the marriage?  Have you really reached your limit?

Feelings can change in a heartbeat, literally!  They are a temporary emotional reaction to a temporary situation.  Yet, for many of us, they guide countless decisions in our marriage.  Often, we say and do things that are harmful instead of helpful based on our feelings in the moment.  Our feelings are not the voice of God!!

When you have the mindset that regardless of the circumstances, you are going to be God’s man or God’s woman in your home, your feelings take a back seat to thinking and faith.  That’s when great behavior flows freely and then here’s the added blessing; that behavior changes your feelings for the good.

Determine your mindset. Your behavior will follow.  Your feelings will change, too.

“In your relations with one another, have the same mindset as Christ Jesus… (Phil. 2:5; NIV).

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