Coaching FAQS

Richard and JeannaLynn May are our full-time coaches. They coach as a team, combining their professional knowledge and expertise of Life Coaching and Ministry.

Coaching sessions are private, in person, and about an hour and a half long. One session can look very different from the next. Sessions may involve learning a new concept or strategy, exploring ways to connect and communicate, guidance and support through real life challenges, proactive discussion and tools for what lies ahead, and much more.

Come as you are! Dress up, dress down, be comfortable. We have complimentary drinks and snacks for you to enjoy.

Your first session is our Meet & Greet Session. Let us take some time to get to know you, introduce ourselves, and answer any questions. There’s no pressure, no commitments, no fee-just an opportunity for you to test the waters.

You don’t “have to be” anything except willing.
We coach individuals, couples, married couples, etc.
We offer Virtual Coaching for people outside of the OKC area.

Our office is located in Oklahoma City. See out Contact page for specific details.

We are passionate about pouring into your life and helping you grow. Your confidence, relationships, and future are invaluable. Because of that, our nonprofit offers extremely discounted services comparative to what is offered in the for-profit world. In order to provide coaching to as many people as possible, regardless of financial standing, we intentionally offer this lower rate, and there are also some scholarship opportunities available. Financial investment will be discussed in more detail at your Meet and Greet session.

In our experience as a nonprofit, free coaching does not work. In the very early years, this policy resulted in frequent cancellations, a lack of progress and motivation, and an unfortunate waste of everyone’s time. We believe that it is important to be invested mentally and financially in the pursuit of change and growth. In life, we invest in what matters to us.