There is something valuable about having a one-on-one coach.

 There is accountability, depth, clarity, and support. This type of relationship is highly regarded in so many areas already: personal trainers, tutors, private lessons, etc.

 It only makes sense to have this kind of support and influence in what matters most: life, relationship, and marriage.

 This coaching experience has turned hopeless marriages into marriages with hope for a future. It has empowered great marriages to become active in motivating and serving the families around them.

The transparent truth of “how” is this: 

The ultimate purpose of this coaching experience is not to determine who is wrong and who is right. It is not to pat out fires every so often to keep the flames from engulfing a relationship. 

The ultimate purpose is to guide, teach, and come along side you in order to spark a new confidence in your relationship, place new tools in your hands, and empower you to build a better future than the one that was ahead of you yesterday. 

You will be challenged. 

You will be supported. 

You will be loved. 

You will discover potential you never knew you had and feel hope you didn’t know was possible. 

 And after awhile, you won’t rely on anyone to hold your relationship together, because YOU will be the one actively reinforcing it with confidence.