Disagreement doesn’t Mean Division

You may never agree with each other.

When one of our kids was heading out to spend time with friends, one of two things was going to be true. Either JeannaLynn was going to feel like we let them go with way too little information about where, when and who; or I was going to feel like we just led through an unnecessarily long interrogation.

Let’em loose or tie ‘em down.

We never “got on the same page” regarding how much information to get.

We did get on the same page finally with this: We were not going to let the disagreement divide us.

Practically, that means:

  1. We quit speaking critically of the other when we didn’t get what we wanted.
  2. We prayed more often together when our kids were away.
  3. We considered the other’s interest above our own.
    1. JeannaLynn would cut back on the number of questions sometimes before she was satisfied with her information.
    2. I asked more questions than I though was necessary.
  4. I always joined her when her intuition said that we needed to check on them.
  5. I didn’t say “I told you so” when the kids were where they said they were going to be. She didn’t say “I told you so” when they weren’t.

Some disagreements will always be disagreements. Your disagreements do not have to cause division. What God has joined together, disagreements should not separate.”

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