Do You Indulge?

Weird or Unique combinations often make the best delicacies and finest indulgences.

  • Chocolate & Coffee beans
  • Peanut butter & Chocolate
  • Pineapple & Pizza
  • Coca Cola & Peanuts
  • Hot Chocolate & Salted whipped cream
  • Cauliflower & Hot sauce
  • Cheetos & Milk
  • Bacon & Anything!!

You are familiar with some of these and LOVE them; and some stretch of your imagination! What are some of your weird or unique combinations that have become indulgences?

How about You and Your Spouse?  Seriously.  You are a unique combination, maybe even a little weird.  Do you indulge?

Often in the beginning of a relationship, a couple will bask in the way they are different from each other.  They embrace those differences, are connected because of them, and say they complement each other. 

Later in the relationship, the focus often shifts from the indulgence of differences to a distaste for our differences often asking, “What did we ever have in common or see in our relationship?”

Get naked and stand next to each other in front of a mirror.   Note:  NSFW                                   

Notice the differences?  Those differences, along with all the many others, create the finest indulgences if that’s where you will keep your focus.

Positive thoughts proceed positive behaviors that create positive feelings!

Just as negative creates negative!

What if you became the Master Chef of your relationship/marriage?!  What if you challenged yourself to create the best delicacy of your unique combination that the two of you begin to indulge in rather than expressing a steady dose of distaste?!

  • Freak, frighten, feel loved, and feel respected over different events and behaviors
  • Late nighter – early riser
  • Messy – organized
  • Work it out – it will work itself out
  • Play before you work – work before you play
  • Cuddle on the couch – whitewater rafting or a competitive activity
  • Rush in to solve problems – step back to analyze
  • Pineapple on pizza – hurl at the thought of it

Choose your mindset!                                                          

What indulgence will you be creating with your differences?

Remember, a delicacy is sought after and valued!  Is your relationship sought after & valued?

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