Don’t Just Sign It, Live It!

“We confess with sadness that Christians and our institutions have too often scandalously failed to uphold the institution of marriage and to model for the world the true meaning of marriage. Insofar as we have too easily embraced the culture of divorce and remained silent about social practices that undermine the dignity of marriage we repent, and call upon all Christians to do the same.

To strengthen families, we must stop glamorizing promiscuity and infidelity and restore among our people a sense of the profound beauty, mystery, and holiness of faithful marital love. We must reform ill-advised policies that contribute to the weakening of the institution of marriage, including the discredited idea of unilateral divorce. We must work in the legal, cultural, and religious domains to instill in young people a sound understanding of what marriage is, what it requires, and why it is worth the commitment and sacrifices that faithful spouses make.” – The Manhattan Declaration (

Christianity Today quoted part of the Manhattan Declaration in its quick quote section.  As we read it there, we skeptically wondered if this was just another “raise my hand and sign my name” opportunity whereby we could feel good by indicating our intellectual support for some principle without any real call for personal change.  We may be able to poll ourselves and change the vote of a representative, but polling ourselves does not change the society.  Frankly, we were glad to see that this call to affirm the biblical view of marriage was also a call to live the principles we proclaim.  The most effective way to bring about a cultural change regarding marriage is for those of us who preach it right to live it right, too.

Let’s proclaim the truth, and then let’s live it.  That’s the way to change our homes, our cities, our state, our country, and our world.  Live it!

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