Don’t Want to be a Needy Spouse

Picture for Blog“I’ve fallen out of love with him. I don’t know what’s happened. He used to make me so happy. Now, he doesn’t ever try to meet my needs.”

We make our love dependent on the other person’s ability to keep us in love with them.  First, that’s just not the kind of love that God has demonstrated towards us. Hallelujah! Nor is it the kind of love he has commanded us to have for each other.

Practically, that kind of thinking creates a “needy” marriage.  Whether the need is quality time, emotional support, romance, peace and quiet, affectionate touch, etc., when one is not getting that need met, the tendency is to resort to trying to drag it out of other.  Ultimately, this builds resentment and makes both miserable.

A husband’s love is to have its source in the husband. A wife’s love is to have its source in the wife. We don’t love because our needs are met. We love because we are lovers.

Again. We love because we are lovers. Go show your love to your spouse again.  We did.

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