Finacial Team

No Debt?  No Sweat!  Steve Diggs gave us a great live seminar last month.  His teaching about how God’s kids can handle God’s money for God’s glory was right on target!  His presentation style was engaging.  We hope that you got to hear him and that you’ll put into practice what you learned!  If you missed the seminar, we will soon have Steve’s seminar in the library available for check-out.

If you played a word association game with couples, there are lots of words that might be associated with “finances.”  Some of the words would reflect the difficulty that many have: fight, disaster, broke, divorce, or joke.  Other words might reflect our attitude about money:  control, security, spend, or save.

If you are married, there is another word that we believe ought to be associated with finances.  That word is “Team.”  Handle your finances as a team because:

1.       It reflects the oneness God intended when he created the marriage relationship and couples who aren’t one in their marriage often aren’t one in other ways, too.

2.       When financial struggles abound, feelings of loneliness abound as well.  God gave Adam a wife because it wasn’t good for him to be alone.  Be financial companions!

3.       Combining strengths will create a better plan.  Each of you brings important money principles to the table and mutual contribution will turn out better.

4.       Working together helps keep the roaring lion away.  As a team, you can better resist the temptation to love money which is the root of all kinds of evil.  Encourage each other to be “money moral.”  Strengthen each other so that you don’t cheat the government, take advantage of the naïve, or give less than your best to God.

If you aren’t a team, one of you will need to take the loving initiative to approach the other. Come together as one flesh to powerfully deal with your “one money.”  A good idea would be to take the No Debt, No Sweat Boot Camp together.

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