Final Word – Probably Not

We will likely do a little editing to the reports we’ve shared here.  We might even add a post about the trip a little later. For right now, though, here’s a brief summary.  We flew out of Will Rogers Airport on Sunday April 3 to land in Vilnius at 1 pm on Monday.  We adjusted some Tuesday morning and then got to our purpose.  Over the next twelve days, we participated in 12 hours of seminar and 50-60 hours of coaching.  Two wives told us while were were there that they had been praying for years for something like what we were doing to arrive.  We were told that there is no one else doing what we did in Lithuania.  Divorce is common, even among missionaries, in Lithuania.  We’re glad that God heard their cries and that we were prepared to go.  Some of you reading this helped us financially to get there.  Thanks.  Many of you prayed for our ministry there. Thank you, too!  This was our FIRST Marriage Mission trip.  There have to be more!

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