Fireworks in Your Marriage!

We love watching the fireworks show at the Yukon Park over the 4th of July holiday.  Fireworks shows are cool anyway, and the Yukon show is spectacular.  We’ve heard the comment, “There are some fireworks in that marriage!”  Sometimes when that’s said, it means that there are some explosions in the relationship from which you probably want to run.  Other times, though, fireworks in a marriage refer to excitement, not fear.  We prefer to think of it that way.

Fourth of July fireworks are about great events.  For us, seeing fireworks at the Fourth of July is a picture of our anthem line, “Bombs bursting in air!” We see red, white, and blue explosions and reflect on the victory for freedom won in the Revolutionary War.  When there are fireworks in a marriage, there is reflection on some of the great events of the relationship.  Watch your wedding video or look at the pictures again.  Reminisce over the most romantic moment or the best date you’ve had as a couple.  Say your vows to each other again.  Remember a victory over an enemy that tried to destroy your relationship, but failed.  Shoot off some fireworks in your marriage by remembering some great events.

Fireworks are about celebration!  Marriage is meant to be honored (Hebrews 13:4) and celebrated! We all grieve when marriages suffer or fail.  We’ve hurt with the Stanford family from South Carolina and we grieve over the very public breakup of John and Kate Gosselin.  We celebrate when a Christian man leaves a legacy of 64 years of marriage, keeping his promises “until parted by death.”  We celebrate in our own relationships when we keep the ONEness that God created fresh and alive on a daily basis!  There are fireworks in a marriage when celebration for marriage in general, but specifically for our own marriages is an every day event!

Put some fireworks in your marriage!  Kick back with a glass of sweet, peach tea out in the sunshine and laugh together about some great events in your marriage history.  Get together with some friends and celebrate being a “happily married” couple.  That will be a spectacular show everyone loves to see!  God celebrates as he watches, too!

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