I’m Reminded of My Shortcomings

Joseph interpreted the cup-bearer’s dream and asked the cup bearer to mention him to Pharaoh.  Joseph was unjustly jailed, and he wanted to be released.  The cup-bearer’s words to Pharaoh could have been the key.   The cub-bearer forgot for a time, but was reminded of what happened when Pharaoh himself had a dream.  The cupbearer’s confession to Pharaoh is a great line to get into your head, and by meditation, get into your heart.  “Today, I am reminded of my shortcomings” (Genesis 41:9).

When you’ve goofed up, whether it involves sin, forgetfulness, carelessness, or boneheadedness, get it out there when you realize it.  Every failure doesn’t have to be revealed, but if somebody is still getting hurt, or might get hurt, it needs to be confessed.  It’s never fun for the failure to be revealed but:

1.  Get it out there so it is recognized that you noticed it and care about the mistake.

2.  Get it out there so that the process of repentance can progress.

3.  Get it out there so that correction (if there can be any) can begin immediately.

4.  Get it out there so that if apologies and forgiveness need to be offered, they can be ASAP.

5.  Get it out there it out there so that guilt doesn’t get a chance to harden your heart.

Maybe these words have made you realize that you need to say to somebody right now, “I am reminded of my shortcomings.” Don’t wait.  Get it out there.

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