Last full Day in Lithuania

Locks on the Bridge - Love to Stay

Saturday we took in our last breakfast at the Congress, then some new friends, Tomas and Milda joined us for a final walk around.  They took us to their former flat in Old Town and by a beautiful park next to the river.  We also climbed the hill up to the castle this is right there in Vilnius. We were joining Ilia and Daiva for lunch so Tomas and Milda joined us. That was a good time.

We had one more coaching session that afternoon and then we went back to Juozas’ and Zivile’s flat one last time.  They invited a couple that had come to the seminar over, too.  We talked about marriage, what they had experienced during he weeks, and prayed about the future of their relationships.  It made for a long, tiring Saturday, but it was all so important and energizing.

Lithuanian marriages are just like ours in the states.  We wondered what struggles they would have in Europe that we don’t have in the States.  Or what struggles exist here that no on encounters there.  There are no major differences.  The issues are the same, and the solutions are the same.  A life lived for Christ dramatically impacts a marriage for good.  We have to keep spreading that message – everywhere!

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