Marriage Events and Coaching Fill First Half of 2015

We’ve have marriage events (classes, Roadshows, etc.) in Oklahoma, Mississourippi, Alabama (X2), Maryland, Texas and Tennessee (X2).

We’ve Keynoted at the Christian Children and Family Services Association on the campus of Harding University.

We’ve learned from leaders in Marriage Ministry at the Marriage Ministry Conference hosted by Watermark Community Church in Dallas.

We’ve coached in close to 210 sessions this year that usually last 1.5 to 2 hours (sometimes longer) and then engaged in countless hours of texts, calls and emails.  Couples are reaching out and the faith-focused, forward-pressing coaching we offer is giving them just what they need to succeed.  Contact between sessions is an important part of the coaching relationship.

We’ve spoken at Summer Series in the OKC area getting to talk about marriage and our marriage ministry vision.

Last week, a man who told his wife a month ago that he was filing for divorce told us at the end of a session, “I believe you have saved our marriage and I want you to know that I will never divorce my wife.”



2015 Hooked on Marriage Crowd at Full Bubble.


Sometimes your upgrade is better than you can imagine.


The Hooked on Marriage Group from S. Huntington Street Church in Kosy.


An M&M gift from a friend at the Roadshow in Kosy.


While we were in Maryland…


While we were in Maryland…


A great retreat in Texas!

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