Married People Play Together

Married people play together.  Married people have fun together.   Married people laugh together.  Those are rules.

For many couples who have been married a while, this play and fun does not happen as spontaneously as it did in the early years.  Kids, careers, and conflicts distract couples for extended periods of time until a husband finally looks at his wife and thinks, “It’s been months since we’ve done anything fun together.”  The wife notices her husband looking at her and she longs for a closer connection with him.  She thinks about what’s missing in their relationship and she says, “It’s been months since we have really laughed together.”

Not everyone is in a position to hit the beach, ski the slopes, or even head out of town immediately.  Some of you are taking care of sick children right now.  You’re upcoming days are too-filled and nonadjustable to consider hours away.  If you put your heads together, though, you can dream up something that will create a time of laughter for the two of you.

Play is vital to the health of your marriage relationship.  Quit letting all the distractions keep you from planning some time for doing something fun. We were coaching a struggling couple who had quit having fun and that was one of the reasons their marriage was weak.   JeannaLynn gave them this great piece of wisdom.  “God can do some great things when we let him have some play ground.” Give God some play ground in your marriage.  Take the initiative, make the plan for play, and then follow through with the fun!

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