May 2014 WGHJ Update

May 2014 — Here’s whats Up

The coaching schedule is incredible. Couples and individuals who desperately want to thrive in their marriages are reaching out and finding practical, spiritual, affordable support with What God Has Joined Ministries.  Here’s a comment from a wife we coach: “I’m going to you guys to teach me skills, to be an instrument in the Lord’s hand, so I can grow.  I love you guys and I’m so thankful for you both.  I believe you have my best interest in your heart.  Having a great day.” Just in the last couple of weeks, we’ve had two more ministers call asking for the free coaching that we give couples in ministry. We are so glad they are reaching out – and that we are alive as a ministry to help them!

We travelled to the Tulsa Workshop where we were on schedule for two sessions and we got to break out our new display (see pictures below).  JL’s dad got very sick in Mississippi just as we arrived in Tulsa, so she had to fly to be with him. He was in CCU for a number of days.  He’s home now, but suffers with COPD.  Please keep Gene Gibson in your prayers. The Tulsa event went on, just with R, but some great friends from OKC came to the class early and helped set up.  One of the class participants made this comment about it: “It is time to get busy honoring others marriages and serving them! My marriage has moved to the great stage and now I want to serve!”

We had a powerful Marriage Roadshow in partnership with the Crosstown Church of Christ in Tulsa, OK.  A participant sent us an email right after the Roadshow:  “I just wanted to thank you both for taking the time to come to Tulsa this past weekend.  We really do appreciate the work you both are doing to help couples find, and stay on, the path that God desires.  Your willingness to share “the real you” with others makes a huge difference and has the ability to impact so many.”

We’ve got some great events coming up:

  • Red River Family Encampment (June 21-25)
  • Family Emphasis at Memorial Drive in Tulsa (July 6)
  • Lithuania Family Camp Mission (July 28-August 2)
  • Marriage Roadshow in Louisville, KY with the Okolona Church of Christ (September 26-28)
  • Homecoming – Lone Oak Church (October 12) – Richard will be preaching
  • Women’s Fall Conference Kickoff (September 3) – JL will be teaching

We’ve had some very promising meetings with other leaders recently that could open some doors to expanding the ability of WGHJ Ministries to promote whole, healthy, holy marriages.  If God is willing, you’ll be hearing more about that in the future.

As part of her continuing education as a Board Certified Life Coach, JL just completed a course on Purpose Clarity. Gave her some great new tools to use as we help couples know what they are about!

Brad is thriving as he and Sarah just celebrated one year of marriage and he moves forward in his career as an OKC police officer

Brittney graduated from OC this month with a BS in Sports and Wellness.

The trip to Lithuania for the Baltic Family Camp mentioned above is a great opportunity for a return trip to help the couple that we travelled there to see in 2011.  At the camp, JL and R will teach classes separately to men and women and then together to couples.  We will also be available in the afternoon for couple-to-couple sessions with families.

We have several other conferences over the summer.  These conferences help us reach a number of goals:

  1. We group coach (others might call it teaching classes) to equip and motivate couples to move from bad to good, good to great, and great to service.
  2. We introduce people to the Marriage Roadshow so that they can encourage their leaders to host one at their church.
  3. Inevitably, we meet couples in ministry who need the unique support that we offer.

The Lithuanian Mission and these conferences are all the expense of WGHJ. Would you please add WGHJ Ministries to your list of great causes worth supporting financially this summer and give a tax deductible donation for $100, $500, $1000, $5000 or more. Some of you reading this give regularly for which we are thankful!  Could you please send an additional amount to help us reach these goals?

To donate, go to and click the “Donate” button!

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