Moates Team of Two

Nina Moates stepped into the role of Children’s Education Coordinator at a critical time for South Yukon. Kathy Wright had discovered our curriculum and had kicked off the use of the Faith Foundations bible school material. Nina assumed responsibility when Kathy left and has done a phenomenal job! She has advanced the kingdom here! Thank you, Nina!!

A few months ago, Nina’s husband, Daryl, took a new job in Dallas, TX. The job started immediately, so Nina and Daryl have been apart for the past three months while Nina helped us get set up for her leaving. They also have a home to sell.

If you’ve never spent time talking with Nina about the incredible marriage she and Daryl share, let us encourage you to do this before she gets away! They are a Team of Two!! For example, Daryl and Nina began reading books together while they were dating, and they have continued that tradition throughout the past 39 years of marriage! Since they can’t read in the same room while he’s in Dallas and she is here, they read with each other over the phone. Don’t you love that dedication?

You see, there are many of us that would look at the circumstances of a temporary separation and think, “Well, we’ll just stop that until we are back in the same house.” We would do that because to do otherwise would take some creativity and extra effort and it’s easier to stop. Aren’t our marriages worth some creativity and extra effort, though? Nina and Daryl think so, and their efforts to stay as close as possible in the face of difficulty are paying off for them. Even in different towns, they are a Team of Two!

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