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Vladimir and Lily

Central Cathedral in Vilnius

We have some time this morning to catch you up with what’s been going since we arrived in Vilnius.

We were still experiencing Jetlag on Tuesday, but as we kept moving, we kept alert.  When we paused, we felt the lag! Our hotel has a breakfast buffet that comes with the price of our room.  We discovered some pretty interesting breakfast food, but there were others we were familiar with.  Our new friend Vladimir took us around town some.  He had a friend named Lily he wanted us to meet.  She was the teacher who taught him English.  She was leaving later that week for Israel so that she could be there for her sons wedding.  We had a great time with each other.  We did some coaching on Tuesday.  Our couple understands English better than most here, but their first language is Lithuanian.  Our days are numbered for what we usually do when coaching, so we want as much time as possible with couples and they are hungry and accommodating.  We stayed pretty late.

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