Here are the Yellow Pages,” I said in defeat, “find a lawyer.”

aMayzing Impact Life, Relationship, & Marriage Coaching was
officially established in 2010, but its story began in 2003 with a marriage of 17 years falling apart.

Richard and JeannaLynn May, the coaches of aMayzing Impact, had decided to give up on their marriage. They were actively working toward getting a divorce. But in doing so, God opened their eyes to a life changing truth:

“If we can invest as much to make our marriage last as we are investing to make it end, we can have HOPE and a

In the next 7 years, their marriage flourished and their passion
for building up confident relationships grew immensely. Richard was a preacher
and JeannaLynn was an RN and professional life coach. In 2010 they chose to combine their skills and passions in order to help other relationships grow from bad to good, good to great, and great to service. Because there were times they could not afford support for their own marriage, they started a nonprofit called What God Has Joined Ministries and offered couple-to-couple marriage coaching at an affordable cost.  (Read more about their marriage journey on the blog.)

What God Has Joined Ministries began with a goal to support and enrich marriages, and by 2019 it had adapted and grown into so much more. The powerful tools for healthy connection, communication, and relationships that were being taught through the coaching experience were no longer being applied solely to marriages. The decision was made to re-brand the coaching branch of What God Has Joined Ministries to aMayzing Impact Life, Relationship, & Marriage Coaching to more accurately describe the efforts and impact of the nonprofit. aMayzing Impact has an inspiring history, and we are confident that it has a breathtaking future.

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