Seminar Time

Cat Show at the Mall

The Crowd at Panorama (From the Second Floor)

Famous Already

Friday and Saturday were spent coaching and preparing for the Seminar.  We’ve got two hours on each night.  Actually a little less than two hours because we take a break for tea, coffee, desserts, and snacks.  We have to prepare some because we are learning about the interpreting process.  Two hours of presentation takes four hours.  We have to cut back what we usually say so that we won’t be talking til midnight.  People get hurt when you go to midnight.

We had 14 or 15 for Friday night.  That’s about what was expected.  The coolest things were that there was a couple there who weren’t part of VKB – the church where we are hosting the seminars.  Juozas had visited the church where this couple attends.  He extended an open invitation to the Marriage Seminars.  That couple said that they needed just this type of seminar, so they came. Both nights!  They say they will come back.  They also set up a time for coaching with us.

Saturday, some were not expected to be able to return because of schedules.  Were were expecting a couple less, but there were actually more.  Some men who don’t come to church with their wives often came both nights to the seminar.  We spoke about FOCUSing the the Covenant on Friday night and creating a holy, proactive marriage on Saturday.  The acronyms don’t translate, but the messages were important and appreciated!  The hula hoop lowering group activity was incredibly fun!

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