Sex Tips for Couples

Cheerful young couple in bedSex Tips for Couples

  1. Practice unconditional love and respect in the bedroom, too.
  2. Educate yourselves together. Read books (Sacred Sex, When Two Become One, Sheet Music), listen to audio books, and subscribe to marriage related podcasts. This will help you create an atmosphere in which open communication about sex is the norm for you.
  3. Pray together before and after sex specifically about your sexual intimacy. Sex is an amazing gift from God, so let him know about your gratitude.
  4. If either of you finds yourself stuck in “No” mode, seek help together. Be a team as you talk with your doctor and or marriage coach. Explore the possibility of meds that might be impacting you and let your doctors know that you don’t want your medicines to negatively impact your libido.
  5. Keep your sexual relationship fresh and alive throughout your seasons of life.
  6. During seasons when sex might be difficult, define what intimacy is together rather than abandoning all intimacy due to embarrassment or misinformation.
  7. Create a “Sacred Space” bedroom that generates sexual energy. Keep a clean bed, use a diffuser with scented oils, and keep it uncluttered. Don’t pay bills in your bedroom.
  8. Be still to know each other. Sexual intimacy is about much more than just the physical pleasure. Good connection outside the bedroom creates great connection inside the bedroom.  When you know each other deeply, you honor marriage (Hebrews 13:4).
  9. Read the Song of Solomon – out loud – together and otherwise learn how God sees sex. Make sure your mindset about sex matches up with view of the one who created it for us. The Bible says a good bit about the sexual relationship.
  10. Sleep naked.
  11. Forget about who initiates. It doesn’t matter who starts it, the point is to do it! Enjoy pursuing and getting caught.
  12. Make sure that your sexual intimacy doesn’t become an issue in your marriage. Keep it at the heart of your relationship and protect it.
  13. Remember your vows – to give to each other and to never pursue sexual fulfillment outside your marriage. So denial of sex to your spouse is absolute denial for him or her. They have nowhere else to go.  Bless each other with great sexual intimacy and fulfillment.

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