Sex Tips for Husbands

Sex Tips for Husbands:
1. Think in terms of what you give rather than what you get; even changing your language. “Get me some” is not only crude, it reflects a taker mindset.
2. Her first. Do we have to say more?
3. Clean is crucial. You might even try shaving more than your face.
4. Many reluctant wives become more willing when the heavy pressure is off.
5. If she knows you are snacking on porn her heart won’t be completely into nourishing you.
6. Wake up in the morning with the idea of creating a whole new relationship that day:

  • Attract her with your attitude early in the morning.
  • Date her with texts or calls to express love during the day.
  • Get her to marry you in the evening with your energy and time reserved for her.
  • Enjoy the honeymoon when you go to bed.

7. Don’t withhold yourself from her and don’t become a bully if she does.
8. Hold her close after sex. Physiologically, It’s the most powerful connection time a man has with his wife.
9. Say a prayer of gratitude after sex.
10. Sleep naked.

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