Sex Tips for Wives

Sex Tips for Wives:

1. Be a giver. Go beyond being a participant. Enthusiastically engage in your lovemaking.

2. Clean is crucial.  You might try shaving more than your legs.

3. Dismiss any idea that you should regularly resist.  He’s your husband. Be easy for him – most of the time.

4. Give yourself permission to be as wild as you want. Godly girls have great sex.

5. Wake up in the morning with the idea of creating a whole new relationship that day:

  • Attract him with your attitude early in the morning.
  • Date him with texts or calls of admiration and respect during the day.
  • Get him to marry you in the evening with your energy and time reserved for him.
  • Enjoy the honeymoon when you go to bed.

6. Don’t withhold yourself from him and don’t get ugly if he withholds from you (1 Cor. 7:1-4).

7. Educate yourself about your body and his.

8. If your sex drive is low, talk to your doctor.  Get as sexually healthy as you can be.

9. When you’ve got a choice about doing something that will wear you out or making love to your husband, choose making love. This is saying “No” to good so that you can say “Yes” to great! These choices honor your marriage.

10. Sleep naked.

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