Sunday with VKB

Richard preached Sunday morning for VKB.  Haven’t mentioned yet the Juozas’ wife Zivile is a UN quality interpreter.  She interpreted for the participants at the seminar and for us when the participants said something to us.  She made feedback possible and easy.  She is also a walking Thesaurus.  When Juozas asks for an English word for what he is trying to say, she gives him three or four potentials.  She knows the details of English better than we do.

The sermon was on the importance of keeping vows.  It was good for everybody, but particularly husbands and wives who need to keep their promises – all of them, not just the promise to stay married til it kills you.  That’s the way we see it sometimes.

Ilia led our thinking in the Communion.  Tomas began the service with a prayer.  Juozas led singing.  We knew some tunes and could follow the words in Lithuanian in the book.  They sang a song in English.  Thanks for that.  The singing was enthusiastic.  The building where they meet is new to them.  They used to meet in  hotel where they rented the time for worship.  Now they have offices and can be there anytime they want.  They are excited about that!

Daiva, Zivile, Juozas and Thia at Lunch (Vilnius in Background)

After church, Vladimir, Ilia, Daiva, Juozas, Zivile, Thia, Roberta, Rita, Igor, and Oleg went to lunch.  We took up three booths close to each other.  It was a super morning.

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