Team Up to Help the Single Parent

She wakes up at every feeding and stays up until her baby is satisfied and asleep.  She is the first one awake and the last one asleep in her home every day.  The financial responsibility is completely hers.  She works outside her home so every minute with her children is precious, but she longs for time alone or time with other adults.

According to Child Trends, 53% of American children born to women under 30 are born out of wedlock.  Do you know any single moms?  Any single dads?  They can be fearful, frustrated, and financial strapped.  They are trying hard and they could use a hand. Call and let them know that you want to:

1.  Come over and watch their kids while they go out.

2.  Take them (including their kids) out to dinner or lunch.

3.  Mow their yard or plant some flowers.

4.  Take their car for an oil change or wash.

5.  Take a walk around the block with them.

6.  Invite them to come along on your next family outing.

Then, when you’ve told them what you want to do, do it together.  Let him or her see you at work together as a team.  Many who are single parents have never had faith in the marriage relationship or they’ve lost it because of their personal experience.  Love them as a team – it will be good for you and for them.

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