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  • Your feelings are not the voice of God.  They are an emotional reaction to the moment and can change in a heartbeat. Imagine you are
  • What Christmas present do you remember wanting the most as a kid? You had that specific system, game, doll, glove, bike or Hotwheels car that
  • His story … If you didn’t agree with me, apparently you didn’t hear me. That’s what I thought. Leading people to my conclusion via verbiage
  • JeannaLynn is a board certified Life Coach with the ICF. What makes the coaching of aMayzing Impact so aMayzing? First, you gotta love the name,
  • Imagine touring Amazon Smile for an enjoyable read, finding a book with a title that is enticing, but discovering in the preview that the pages
  • It can be terrific to offer advice, give counsel, and attempt to change someone’s mind. If you’ve been aloof, then approaching them when you see
  • Weird or Unique combinations often make the best delicacies and finest indulgences. Chocolate & Coffee beansPeanut butter & ChocolatePineapple & PizzaCoca Cola & PeanutsHot Chocolate
  • “I’ve fallen out of love with him. I don’t know what’s happened. He used to make me so happy. Now, he doesn’t ever try to

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