• “We loved every minute of this past weekend and enjoyed talking the whole way home. So many good memories and lessons in our minds and hearts.”


  • “Thank you for reaching out to ____ and ___! This is the first time I’ve heard seom real “hope” in her voice for at least a year and a half, if not longer. You guys are so gifted and truly are vessels for Christ! You guys hold a very special place in my heart-I love you both dearly!”


  • “Hey ya’ll! Just want to thank you again for today. You spoke so much truth & life into my heart, just what I desperately needed. God has used you both in such amazing ways. So thankful that you obeyed the Lord’s calling to speak life into other marriages.  I have sat down and repeated to ___ the 3 steps of forgiveness and I have peace in my heart while saying them. I’m ready to grow and I’m ready to heal, with time.”