The Honeymoon is Over

They couldn’t have asked for a better engagement period.  They were so happy.

The wedding was perfect.  They were so happy.

The honeymoon was incredible.  They were so happy.

The first year was filled with fresh discovery of each other.  They were so happy.

They anticipated that this romantic high would last forever, but it didn’t.  They were so surprised.

The romantic high doesn’t last forever for anybody.  In the beginning, we experience the bulk of our happiness coming out of the marriage relationship.  When it turns out that the bulk of our frustration also comes out of the marriage relationship, we think something is wrong.  It’s not wrong.  It is normal.  Your romantic high, when you learn to deal in a holy way with your frustration, will turn into a deep unconditional love and respect.  This is how marriage was designed to be.  There is purpose in this experience.

You don’t have to be alarmed that you get so frustrated in your marriage.  Now, you don’t have to be surprised either.  Work with the experience.  Having a great marriage takes work and the reward is worth it!  How can you more quickly transform your relationship into one where there is long-lasting, deep, unconditional love and respect?

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