Tuesday and Wednesday in Vilnius

Tuesday was meeting with people and more marriage coaching.  During our time in Vilnius, we met with some couples and some single people who had some questions about relationships or life in general.  It was Tuesday that we realized that our time in Lithuania was winding down.  We only had a few more days before we would be gone.  There was still so much to do, though.  We really wanted to make an impact for Christ in the lives of the people we had met.  There is so much joy in this ministry for us, but there is a huge burden, too.

Wednesday was our big tour day.  Vladimir the tour guide took went with us on an excursion to Trakai.  Trakai is a town whose main attraction is a castle complete with draw bridge.  The moat has long ago dried around this castle sitting on an island.  It has been attacked a number of times and the bricks are new and beautiful, but they always save some of the original.  In fact, students are will work to restore buildings learn how to add the new while preserving as much of the old as possible.  You see this mixture all over Vilnius.

As we walked to the castle, we stopped in a restaurant to eat some food native to the people of Trakai.  Trakai was settled by Muslims who kept their customs when the arrived, but rejected Islam for Judaism.  They did not accept the Talmud or other commentaries, simply Torah.  We ate some kidymai – pastries with meat inside.  We chose lamb.  This turned out to be a snack.  There was a “large” group of French tourists in the restaurant at the time and the waiter warned us that it would be a while.  He didn’t even have enough menus for everybody.  He asked us if we wanted to eat the kidymai, then come back in a couple of hours for a larger meal.  That was perfect for us and when we asked for the check for the kidymai and coke, he told us we could just pay for everything at once when we returned later.  That was cool.  The food was super later!

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