Turning our Marriage Around

We were absolutely opposed to divorce.

That’s exactly why were so blown-away by the fact that we were talking seriously about doing it.

As we look back at those days of misery, honestly they are a fog to us.  The hopelessness that we were feeling during that time was overwhelming.  The darkness in which we lived was dreary.

We’ve come a long way since those days.  Thank you, God!

Now, when we are coaching couples to emerge from the pit – or to avoid it altogether – we revisit some of the significant heart-impacting principles that have guided us.

  1. Our problem was not that we were different.  Our problem was that were unholy in the way we treated each other because of our differences.
  2. We might have each married the wrong person, but if we would each be the right person we could turn our marriage around.
  3. Trying to drag our deepest needs out of the other was a complete disaster.  Living out our roles brings incredible freedom and success.
  4. Our marriage is the primary relationship in home.
  5. Keeping a covenant is both God-honoring and beneficial.  Keeping a contract is destructive.
  6. Creating companionship intentionally is a must.  Drifting always leads you to plunging over the waterfall.
  7. Married people hold hands, engage with each other, have fun, and have sex – ask any 12 year-old.
  8. Daily, predictable time (DPT) is a necessary shot in the arm for married couples.

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