Using the Five Keys

We still tell the story about how my procrastination was causing her some major aggravation! There was some stuff that I was going to finish (future tense), but she thought it was already finished (past tense). When she realized where she was emotionally, physically, and spiritually, she reviewed the Five Keys in her mind and heart. She asked herself:

1. Am I pursuing the dream of a whole, healthy, holy marriage?
2. Am I responding in a way that Christ could be seen in my life.
3. Am I cheering my spouse on?
4. Have I entered his world to know what has happened?
5. Am I staying focused on my covenant with him and with God?

She could review these important questions because she has them memorized. And they had an impact on her because she has a heart for wanting to be the right person.

It made things a lot better – and it gave me room to grow some out of my nature to put things off.

Thank you Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg for leading us to the Five Keys!

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