Vilnius Marriage Mission!

Zivile with Thia

Vilnius is a 21st century city.  Internet companies have huge buildings.  There are at least three large malls in this city of 550,000.  We have been to Panorama – a three story mall with stores we’ve never heard of right next to the Levi’s store.  The fashion here is incredible.  Walking on the street or riding on the bus is like attending a fashion show and the stores are filled with this modern clothing.  There are tons of young people here.  We mentioned that earlier, or maybe on Facebook, but there are several universities/colleges here.  Girls seem to outnumber boys 4-1.  We doubt that’s scientific, but it seems that way.

But the economy is poor.  Lithuania still has its own currency.  Hasn’t moved to the Euro yet.  Maybe in a couple of years, but that’s been said before apparently.  Citizens are skeptical about whether the ultimate move will help or hurt.  The malls are incredible, but the housing isn’t.  Very few people own the place where they live.  And rent takes up most of the money.  They wear fashionable clothes, but they wear them often.

Juozas and Zivile Set Us Up with a Temporary Phone

More coaching as the week goes on.  If fact, as much as possible.  The conference begins Friday night, April 8.  As we write, it’s already done.  As I update, it’s still a couple of days off.  One of the ministers, Ilia was sick at home the first week.  Praying for him to get better.  We spent a lot of time with Juozas (Yozus) and Zivile (Zsa-vil-eh) at their flat.  As much time as possible in fact.  They are great hosts.

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