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Wow!!  This year is over half gone and yet there is still so much ministering to do!!

Being Marriage Missionaries locally and nationally is definitely a work we “Can’t Not Do”!!!

We see post on Facebook of couples we Coached on dates and having fun together, and we can’t help but smile deep inside.  Families living life together because their parents never gave up!  Anniversaries being celebrated because there was a helping hand when they needed it most.  We, you and we, guided by God are making a huge impact for good!!  We must never lose heart, we must Never give up!!!

The World needs Whole, Healthy, Holy Marriages!!

However, we couldn’t do anything without your love, prayers and financial support!  Unfortunately, we can’t make a difference if we don’t make a living!!  YOU are changing the world one spouse, one marriage at a time!!  God bless you!!

This is what we’ve been doing!

  1. Held 219 scheduled Coaching sessions – (usually 2 – 4 hours in length)
  2. Have engaged in Skype sessions from various states – some going into 1 am due to time differences
  3. Held Roadshows at:
    1. Beltline in Decatur, AL
    2. Granbury, TX
    3. Weatherford, OK
    4. Union Hill in Nixa, MO
    5. Childplace in Jeffersonville, IN
    6. Northside in Jeffersonville, IN
  4. We have presented at:
    1. Doors of Opportunity in York, NE
    2. Harmony Christian Church x2 in Choctaw, OK
    3. Summer Celebration in Nashville, TN
  5. Richard has preached, written a Sunday morning bible class curriculum, and taught bible class at Memorial Road in OKC
  6. We attended a week long intensive with 5 couples in Branson, MO at the National Institute of Marriage. We were invited to participate as observers for the potential of working with NIM who is owned by Focus on The Family.  We would be follow-up and follow through Marriage/Life Coaches for Couples attending their Intensive program.
    1. As of today we are on “GO” to proceed with this partnership
    2. After our week of observation, 3 of the couples have contacted us on their own for follow-up.


Speaking of Roadshows, We need your help!  These are arranged primarily by word of mouth.  We need you to get the word out to your church leaders and also to other church leaders you either know personally or by asking your family and friends to talk with their leaders.  Will you help spread the word?  We do have flyers available upon request.

We also need your help, advice, and/or assistance with putting together a promotional dvd to send to churches encouraging them to host a Roadshow and for leaders themselves to get involved!  How can you help?

WGHJ Ministries is growing!  We would love to bring on someone to help with marketing, promoting, and fund raising!  How can you help us take this next step?

As a non-profit, no couples are left behind in getting the help they need because of your donations.  Please do not ever wonder if your donations matter – they are priceless!!  Due to confidentiality we are limited in how much we can share, but never doubt the aMAYzing impact your support is making in this world.

We recently met with an individual in their 20’s, actually we have met several times, and we are the only married couple in their life.  Yet, they are determined to have a marriage like ours one day.  They cannot afford to pay us anything currently, but we will not let money stand in the way of sharing God and the beauty of God’s gift of marriage with them!! YOU are showing them a better way of life by allowing us to go into ALL the world!!

There is much to do and we have our sleeves rolled up out there doing it the best we can! Thank you for allowing this ministry to thrive!!

Many of you know that Richard’s mom passed away unexpectedly on July 17th.  The family listed 3 ministry works as desired places to make donations – WGHJ Ministries was one of the 3.  Why?  Because we are family – well, that may have had some impact – but, the main reason was….At Winnie’s Memorial service in Montgomery, AL and then again at her funeral in Fulton, MS the entire theme spoken about Winnie and Cecil May is that you can’t say one without the other.  They were an incredible team always loving and supporting each other in their endeavors in life!  Their marriage was their most evangelistic tool despite Cecil having been the President of Magnolia Bible College, Pulpit minister for several churches, and Dean of Bible at Faulkner University – Marriage was honored by Cecil and Winnie May for 62+ years!!   A family member came to us after the funeral and said, we want a marriage like theirs – Can you help us?!  Of course we can and will — J


A Ministry we Can’t Not Do – Thank you for holding up our arms!!


Final note: Mark November 10th on your calendar!  Our 3rd annual Share and Celebrate Dinner

Due to popular demand and lots of FUN, we will have a silent auction!                                       What do we need from you?

  1. Prayer for a successful evening
  2. Sponsors for the evening to off-set the cost
  3. RSVP from you
  4. For you to let us know of someone to invite who would be invested in hearing about and supporting WGHJ Ministries
  5. Donating or asking from anyone a high-end item(s) for the auction


Grace& Peace,

R & JL

WGHJ Ministries, Inc.

P.O. Box 850116

Yukon, OK  73099





Mission statement here —–





“When our Marriage mirrors our covenant relationship with God, we have HOPE for the Future and experience HEAVEN on Earth today” ~ Richard and JeannaLynn May

  • You can send your tax deductible donation by:
    • Mail to WGHJ Ministries; PO Box 850116; Yukon, OK 73085
    • Clicking the donate button at the website: www.wghjministries.com
    • Requesting an invoice or ACH debit form

You could also help by approaching your church leaders about including WGHJ Ministries in the budget.  Let us know how we could contact them!

Catching Up with the May Family


We had a wedding! Yes!! Brad and Sarah become ONE on March 16, 2013! Many of you who get this newsletter celebrated with us that day.

  • Brad will graduate from the Oklahoma City Police Academy on August 1, 2013.
  • Sarah will begin graduate school at OU seeking a master’s degree in managing non-profits.
  • Brittney starts her Senior year at OC in August as a Sports and Wellness major and Family Studies minor.
  • We are enjoying the back half of our 40’s together, loving what we are doing and living life to the full!

Thanks for reading and for your prayers for WGHJ!

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