What is the Difference?

Consider this pyramid

“We know or feel that something is just not right between us as a couple and/or in our individual lives! We feel stuck, unmotivated, frustrated, or irritated at life in general – but, have no clue what to do about it! We don’t feel ‘bad enough’ to need counseling, so we are left to deal with it ourselves, right?”

Wrong. There is HOPE!!! There are options!


Facilitating is leading a group of couples, usually in a class setting, through curriculum and exercises. The facilitator couple has usually been trained to facilitate the material through a leaders guide or, in some cases, more intensive, personal training.

Facilitating allows couples who are great teachers and who interact powerfully to lead a class without feeling like they would have to do any counseling, coaching, or consulting that they feel unqualified to do.

Facilitors may refer individuals or couples to consultants, coaches, or counselors as needed. They may also recommend that the couple enter a mentoring relationship.


Mentoring is based on the biblical principle of “Bearing each other’s burdens” (Gal. 6:2), “Love your neighbor as yourself” (Mt. 22:39), and “Older, experienced, teaching the younger” (Titus 2:1-5).

The focus is on teaching by example. The mentor couple has been there before and can share, listen, and lead by example.

Mentors may refer individuals or couples to coaches or consultants as needed.


Consulting is offering expert opinion and recommends action based on specific training. As consultants we will offer you specific, God-given tools that you can personalize and use not only in your marriage, but with children, family, friends, and your co-workers.

The focus is on problem-solving and accomplishing specific, significant goals.

Consultants may refer individuals or couples to coaches or counselors as needed.


Coaching is connecting with someone who is specifically trained to partner with you, to collaborate with you to help you discover your passions and move toward your goals and dreams. Coaching has been the missing link for far too long in helping individuals or couples make life happen, rather than just letting life happen! In coaching, we will come together with you to “coach” you through the process of applying the tools you have to move your life/marriage forward.

You will experience the joy and peace of learning to effectively use these tools yourself; and thus, move toward the dreams and goals that you have set in accordance with God’s plan and purpose for your life and/or marriage.

The focus is on learning through action – creating a fulfilling life – the life you most want to live!

Coaches may refer individuals or couples to consultants or counselors as needed.


Counseling is a vital link in the pyramid! For many, there are past hurts, abuse, pain, trauma, or losses that need to be handled skillfully and professionally by a licensed professional counselor. A counselor will help you expose, accept, and deal with serious and complex personal issues; thus, freeing you from the past so that you can choose new possibilities for a brighter, healthier future.

The focus is on understanding patterns of feelings and behavior that keep you stuck in a rut, paralyzed so that you cannot move forward!

Counselors may refer individuals or couples to coaches or consultants as needed.

What we have seen and learned is that while much of marriage counseling has in past had the reputation of “failing” it can be attributed to the missing links of coaching and consulting. Coaching and consulting will only work in healthy individuals who are not defined by the tragedies of the past. Once the difficulties of the past have been identified and dealt with, individuals need new tools and concepts to redefine their lives. They need new goals and dreams that are not controlled by their past. And, they need to be properly coached in using them!

We are a “Team of Two” – we are both coaches and consultants – and we want to co-create a relationship with you to refocus on your biggest dreams and deepest desires and make them come true!! “With God all things are possible” (Mt. 19:26)

Let’s build something together!!

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