What we Better Learn from Paula Deen

Is it odd for a post about Paula Deen to be on a website about marriage? Actually, one of the the lessons we better learn from Paula Deen is that our actions don’t just impact us.  They impact the people close to us.  So to protect our spouses and families, we better learn:

1. Sometimes telling the truth can bring on consequences we would have never imagined, but we should tell the truth anyway.  The truth would have come out.  Imagine if she were having to deal with explaining why she lied in all this.

2. Our mistakes are not judged simply by our peers anymore.  This is the age of internet.  Everything you say or write is up for judgment before anybody who has internet access.  We’re not 30 years ago in the south anymore Toto.

3. We should never assume that business partners are friends who will stick up for us.  Loyalty is more often found in family and friends that you don’t impact financially.

4. Apologies don’t always fix things.  For some people, nothing will fix things.  Others need to see some “fruit of repentance” before they’ll warm up to you again.

5. Hypocrites throw rocks at you, but often if you point out the hypocrisy, you bring more harm to yourself.

6. It doesn’t matter who else we’ve heard use racial slurs, it’s way past time for us to quit using them.

I’m sure there is much more to this story to come out.  I’m sure there is much more already out that I just haven’t read.  I’m planting these lessons in my heart, though.  I want to protect myself and the people around me whom I love – and whose lives I can really mess up if I’m not very careful.  – Richard May

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