What’s Going On…?

Country Road SoilsDo you know what’s going on inside of you?

That’s not an anatomy question. It’s a spiritual one.  A really good way to consider inward spiritual health is to consider the soil in your heart. Is your heart like a road? Like the shoulder of the road? Like the edge of the field? Like the rich field ready for the seed?

Suppose you are reading a book about growing personally or growing your marriage and a paragraph knocks you right between the eyes. It addresses a problem that you have and gives some direction on how to grow yourself.  What’s your reaction? Your reaction reveals your soil?

If there is no impact at all; the words penetrate your eyes and then… nothing. That “seed” has fallen on the road. It’s likely you are reading just to fulfill a duty.

Perhaps there is an immediate reaction. You know that you’ve just read something that you needed. It’s not too long, though, before you’re making excuses about why you won’t grow. Bitterness, resentment, pride, or an unforgiving spirit quickly turn your attention from your stumbles to your spouse’s stumbles. You’ve got rocky soil.

Maybe the hit between the eyes really impacts you. You have a strong sense of remorse and you make commitments to make some needed change. Three months later though, the habits you intended to create haven’t been. The determination you felt isn’t there anymore. You’ve just been too busy. Other priorities choked your good intentions. Your soil is thorny.

Hopefully, though, the seed lands in good soil. You’ve prepared your heart for it. You’ve developed the mindset that you’ll get it done and you have the maturity that you’ll keep growing, even when you don’t want to.

What’s going on inside of you?

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