What’s so aMayzing about Coaching?

JeannaLynn is a board certified Life Coach with the ICF.

What makes the coaching of aMayzing Impact so aMayzing?

First, you gotta love the name, right?  Isn’t that the perfect name for the coaching branch of What God Has Joined Ministries? When clients Dick and Karen Canada, who later became our first board president couple, came up with that description, we loved it.  It did not become the name of our re-branding for another 10 years, but the original sign they created stayed on our office door.  It said, “aMayzing In Progress:  Please do not Disturb.”

One of the things that makes our coaching so aMayzing is you!  Whether you are a past or current client, a donor, a supportive friend, or a participant in one of our Marriage Roadshows, you are aMayzing.  We could not do any of this without you!

That is obviously true about our clients!  You are aMayzing!

Before coaching, you might not have felt that aMayzing.  Maybe you didn’t think your spouse was all that aMayzing, but both of you are!  We believe that every person is made in the image of God.  A king of Israel named David wrote in a poem about how every human is designed, “… just a little lower than the angels, and you (God) have crowned them with glory and honor.”

Because we believe that, when clients come into our office, and into our lives, we automatically see them as people with incredible value, potential, and responsibility.  We see them as aMayzing people!

When we can help individual or couple clients grasp that they are valuable, have great potential, and enormous responsibility, we can also coach them to equipping themselves for whatever role they choose to play!

That is an aMayzing Impact!

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