Not about Remarriage

John the Baptist had been killed because he came down on the wrong side of the issue, at least as Herod and Herodias saw it.  The Pharisees who approached Jesus with the question, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife,” were testing Jesus, probably hoping that when his answer became known, Herod would have the head of Jesus on a platter, too.

Jesus was direct.  He spoke with authority.  He answered with scripture and he cleared up the questions.  God had a plan.  People had hard hearts that ended up with unprotected divorced women, and a protective order was given.  However, the protective order was never intended to be an adultery license.  Sometimes with all the discussion about who can remarry when there has been a divorce or what should the church do when a couple has divorced, we miss Jesus’ main point, a point which is not about remarriage.  His main point is that God has made two people one flesh.  They are joined by Him, and humans must not separate what God has joined.

In a culture so prone to divorce, what can Christians do to turn the ears of society toward Jesus.

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